Cabernet, Merlot
Item Number: 414/0
Height: 121 mm / 4 7/8”
Capacity: 600 ccm / 21 1/8 oz.

Recommended for: Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc
Item Number: 414/15
Height: 108 mm / 4 1/4”
Capacity: 375 ccm / 13 1/4 oz

Grand Crue


Bordeaux Grand Cru

This glass, first created in 1959, is not a design gimmick but a precision instrument, developed to highlight the unique characteristics of the great wines of Bordeaux.
The large bowl (capacity 30 oz) brings out the full depth of contemporary wines made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot.

Modern vinification techniques enable wine-makers to concentrate the fruit to such an extent that young wines may seem one-dimensional, tannic and over-oaked if served in smaller glasses.

The Sommeliers Bordeaux Grand Cru gives breathing space to both young and more mature wines, unpacking the various layers of bouquet and delivering a full spectrum of aromas. On the palate, the texture of the wine – soft, silky, velvety – is intensified and the finish prolonged, gently blending acidity with supple, sweet tannins. This is a glass that showcases these majestically structured red wines in all their complexity and finesse.

Recommended for: Bordeaux (red), Brunello di Montalcino, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Domina, Fronsac, Graves rouge, Listrac, Merlot, Médoc, Margaux, Moulis, Pauillac, Pomerol, St. Emilion, St. Estèphe, St. Julien, Sangiovese, Sangiovese-Grosso.

Item Number: 400/00
Height: 270mm 10 5/8 in.
Capacity: 860ccm 30 3/8 oz.


Burgundy Grand Cru

This glass was described by Decanter magazine as “The finest Burgundy glass of all time, suitable for both young and old Burgundies.”

Its shape, developed in 1958, represented a quantum leap in terms of wine glass design – and has earned it a place in the permanent display of the New York Museum of Modern Art.

This ‘beautiful monster’ of a glass can take apart a lesser wine, mercilessly showing up its weaknesses. But a great wine – a top-class Burgundy, Barolo or Barbaresco – will be revealed in all its glory. The large bowl allows the bouquet to develop to the full, while the slightly flared top lip maximises the fruit flavours by directing a precise flow onto the front palate. Certain wines and grape varieties require this type of controlled delivery. By ensuring that the fruit is highlighted while using the marked acidity of the wine to keep the flavours in balance, this is a glass that produces a superbly three-dimensional ‘taste picture’.

Recommended for: Barbaresco, Barolo, Beaujolais Grand Cru, Blauburgunder, Burgundy (red), Dornfelder, Echézeaux, Gamay, Moulin à vent, Musigny, Nuits Saint Georges, Nebbiolo, Pommard, Pinot noir, Romanée Saint Vivant, Santenay, Volnay, Vosne-Romanée, Vougeot.

Item Number: 4400/16
Height: 248mm 9 3/4 in.
Capacity: 1050 ccm 37 oz.



Riesling Grand Cru (white wine)

The Riesling grape variety produces some of the finest white wines, in which high acidity is balanced with residual sugar.

Austria saw the dawn of a new era of winemaking in the 1980s. The best crus of Riesling from the sunniest sites were harvested extremely late, yielding grape musts with high sugar levels, concentrated fruit and typical Riesling acidity levels. When fermented to dryness the resulting wine has an alcoholic strength of 13-14%, with 2-4 grams of residual sugar. Fresh acidity and high levels of mineral components can produce an intense wine with wonderful peach aromas.

The wine also ages exceptionally well, with its colour changing slightly to give the typical hue of an aged Riesling. In search of the shape that would best match this new style, Stuart Pigott, a British wine journalist specialising in Riesling, put together a tasting of the finest 1990 vintages from Germany, France and Austria. Riedel sent a selection of glasses for evaluation, suspecting – correctly – that their Chianti Classico (Item No. 400/15) glass might prove ideal. This tasting was subsequently repeated in London, Paris and New York, raising awareness among wine writers of the new Riesling styles. The wines were presented exclusively in this glass, which henceforth also goes under the name of the Sommeliers Riesling Grand Cru.

Recommended for: Alsace Grand Cru, Jurançon Sec, Patrimonio, Riesling (late harvest), Sémillon, Smaragd (late harvest dry), Teroldego, Vouvray.

Item Number: 4400/15
Height: 225 mm 8 7/8 in.
Capacity: 380 ccm 13 3/8 oz.

Gruner Veltliner (white wine)

Recommended for: Grüner Veltliner
Item Number: 6400/15
Height 248mm 9 3/4″
Capacity: 380ccm 13 3/8oz

Vinum Extreme


Pinot Noir

Recommended for: Pinot, Nebbiolo
Item Number: 444/7
Height: 246mm 9 1/2in
Capacity: 840ccm 29 5/8oz


Recommended for: Chardonnay
Item Number: 444/97
Height: 225,4mm 8 7/8in
Capacity: 780ccm 27 1/2oz